5 Best Affordable Kids Glasses



Understanding the scientific and composite terminology of eyeglasses may be quite difficult as people buying eyeglasses mostly avoid visiting an optometrist. When it comes to the kids, parents must be aware of the right pair of glasses and the only option feasible is by visiting an optometrist or optician who can determine the right glasses for your kids.

5 Best Affordable Kids Glasses

While many will get bothered with complex scientific terminologies of eyeglasses, this blog will help to classify them with ease so that your kids can remain flexible, sharp, and comfortable with their new eyeglasses. The blog post is suitable for parents who are thinking of buying cheap kid’s glasses, designed and made with top quality.

Pacifying customers is not a new phenomenon, applied by eyeglass manufacturers. Hence, complex terminologies regarding eyeglasses are the usual norm but each terminology provides unique features with both advantages and disadvantages. 

Although standard hinges are quite common among all eyeglass wearers yet a leading global online eyewear retailer, Vision Direct is rising to new heights with top-notch spring hinge eyeglass made especially for the kids. Read the post and find the best hinges for your eyeglasses. Also featuring 5 appealing and quality cheap kids glasses.

3 types of cheap eyeglasses

  1. Standard Hinges Eyeglasses: They are the most commonly available glasses and they3 types of cheap kids eyeglasses come with easy maintenance. You can also repair them at home with online DIY lessons. They mainly consist of connecting clips that connect the glass frame with its arms. Each end of the clip is fixed at the arm and the frame and it is connected using tiny interlocking barrels. One can also get non-interlocking barrels that can be screwed down at the intersection point. 


Regular usage or rusting may develop wear and tear on the hinges, which must be repaired. You can also visit an optician to fix the hinges.

  1. Hingeless Eyeglasses: Back from the old school, hinge-less glasses are offering numerous high-fashioned designs that are becoming a craze among the customers. From the terminology itself, you can assume that it has no interlocking barrels or hinges of any form. The arm of the eyeglass is directly attached to the frame or the glass. Although they possess a distinctive slim and appealing design, the frames and the arms are made with durable titanium or other flexible metal.


One major disadvantage they carry is that they can’t be fixed manually at home and must be either replaced or fixed by an authorized optician or the manufacturer themselves.

  1. Spring Hinge Eyeglasses: Bring a new level of comfort to your eyes and head with spring hinge glasses. Since the early 2000s, they have found significance among many wearers and glass enthusiasts. These glasses function with the help of a spring hinge instead of any interlocking barrels or clips. The spring allows the arm of the glass with flexible and adjustable movement comforting the wearer with utmost elasticity. 


Again, they are hard to repair like the other two types mentioned above. Most manufacturers have custom-made tools to repair, which are hard to get in the market. So repairing them by yourself is not going to prove successful.


Top 5 Best and Cheap Spring Hinge Kids Eyeglasses

  1. Police VK071 SWITCH JR 1 Kids 09DD: Available in 3 colors, Police spring hinge Switch kid glasses are made up of supple acetate frames for round and oval face shapes.
  2. SmartBuy Kids Alissa PK3C: The SmartBuy Kids Alissa collection offer high-quality flexible plastic frames that are highly budget-friendly. 
  3. Julbo CONGA Kids JOP13344326: With radiant color-rich features, the Julbo Conga collection is high on demand with classic plastic round frames to highlight any kid in the masses.
  4. Converse CV5019Y Kids 420: With easy After-Pay service, you can get this beautiful and elegant kids’ eyeglass with acetate frames in square shape.
  5. SmartBuy Kids Campsie Blue-Light Block PK15D: The SmartBuy Campsie collection is another top-selling kids’ glass, which is available with blue-light blocking features and acetate frames.