Tutorial 2 – Multiple Faces, Refining & Texturing

  • Download project files for this tutorial here (38 Mb);
  • A video of this tutorial is available here;
1. Loading the project
Use the ‘Open Project’ command in the ‘File’ menu to open the file ‘CarTutorial.vtp’.
Image:CarTut1-1-cropped.jpg longdesc=
2. Multiple Faces
More complex objects are constructed by drawing multiple faces. Begin by selecting the Sketch Tool Image:32px-Png_pencil.png longdesc=, and adding the first face of the car.
Image:CarTut1-2-cropped.jpg longdesc=
To add an attached face, click on an existing vertex, click to add the new vertices, then click on existing vertices/edges to complete the path back to the first vertex. Image:CarTut1-3-cropped.jpg longdesc=
Continue adding faces to complete this side of the car. Image:CarTut1-4-cropped.jpg longdesc=
Image:CarTut1-5-cropped.jpg longdesc=
Image:CarTut1-7-cropped.jpg longdesc=
3. The Anchor Tool
Change the view to inspect the structure created so far. Use the Anchor Tool Image:32px-Png_standard_anchor.png longdesc= to refine the shape, and correct misaligned vertices.
Image:CarTut1-8-cropped.jpg longdesc=
Click and drag vertices with the Anchor Tool Image:32px-Png_standard_anchor.png longdesc= to adjust their position. Image:CarTut1-9-cropped.jpg longdesc=
4. The Divide Tool
The Divide Tool Image:32px-Png_blue_pencil.png longdesc= is used to add more detail to existing faces, split one face into multiple faces, and add vertices that new faces can be attached to. Select the Divide Tool Image:32px-Png_blue_pencil.png longdesc= and click on this edge to add a new vertex.
Image:CarTut1-10-cropped.jpg longdesc=
Refine the shape of the face by dragging the new vertex into position with the Anchor Tool Image:32px-Png_standard_anchor.png longdesc=. Image:CarTut1-11-cropped.jpg longdesc=
Move to another view to check the position of the new vertex, and adjust with the Anchor Tool Image:32px-Png_standard_anchor.png longdesc= if needed. Image:CarTut1-13-cropped.jpg longdesc=
Add two curves with the Curve Tool Image:32px-Png_pencil_curve.png longdesc= to model the wheel wells. Image:CarTut1-14-cropped.jpg longdesc=
5. The Mirror Tool
For objects which are symmetric about a plane, a complete model can be constructed from a model of one side by using the Mirror Tool Image:32px-Png_mirror.png longdesc=. Click and drag on a face with the Mirror Tool Image:32px-Png_mirror.png longdesc= to mirror the side of the car.
Image:CarTut1-15-cropped.jpg longdesc=
Adjust the position of the mirrored face by clicking on vertices and dragging them to the correct position. Image:CarTut1-16-cropped.jpg longdesc=
When the mirrored face is correctly positioned, click the ‘Commit’ button at the top of the window to complete the model.
5. Texturing
Select the ‘Texture’ command from the ‘Task’ menu to apply texture to the model. To view the complete model, switch to Virtual View Image:Tb_virtual.png longdesc= by clicking on the Virtual View icon at the top left of the window. Right click and drag on a face with the Navigate Tool Image:32px-Png_rot.png longdesc= to rotate the model. Left click and drag to zoom in and out.
Image:CarTut1-19-cropped.jpg longdesc=
6. Exporting
To export the completed model, select ‘Export 3D objects as …’ from the ‘File’ menu.