Architectural applications

VideoTrace allows a user to create models of object from video sequences. There are a number of applications which require models of buildings, including those in architecture and defence. VideoTrace thus enables a user to generate a model of a building or a set of buildings from a video sequence. These sequences can be captured from street level, or from above.VideoTrace uses image data to interpret the user interactions, but exploits 3D point clouds when available, to guide the fitting process. It is thus well suited to the case where a laser scanner or similar has been used to generate a set of depth samples in addition to the imagery.

The building / urban models generated by VideoTrace can be used in simulation environments, for the visualisation of proposed building designs in term of their surroundings, and to put models into visualisation environments like Google Earth.

There are examples of modelling the Sydney Opera House, a (more normal) house, and the archway on this site.