Second beta launched

VideoTrace is currently in second round of beta testing with a small number of users around the world.  Once this process is finished we will launch a much larger beta test.

You can see the level of sophistication of the software in some of the modelling examples and particularly in the longer modelling example.

We’ll keep you updated here on availability, but subscribe to the RSS feed if you want to make sure you don’t miss it, and leave a comment below if you’d like to be contacted about being a part of the next beta test.

13 comments to Second beta launched

  • Hello there,
    I am a freelance e-commerce web and VRML/X3D virtual worlds developer operating out of Puerto Rico. I am very impressed by your Videotrace software and it sure will come to good use if I were to be granted a beta copy. What I really like is the ease and speed it offers in modeling complex or large 3D scenes. A good example of my work that will benefit from the use of Videotrace, can be seen at my site:

    So, I would like very much to be considered for your second round of beta testing. Once again, congratulations on a fine product and good luck.

  • lars

    I work for an professional audio electronics company. We would be very interested in beta testing this for use in experiment ME prototype design. Once it is commercially released, we would very likely want to purchase for licensed use.
    Please consider us for beta testing. Thanks, Lars

  • GiO

    PLease …GiO from France d love test Videotrace for LIve visual ..some ideas. Is there a way ?
    Thanks and Regards


  • drawingtank

    i am a character designer in the film / game industry and i would like to sign up for beta, i think it would be very interesting to apply this app. in character design

  • eliscio

    Hello, I am a forensic visualization specialist and have an interest in this for reconstructing crime and accident scenes. I would be interested in testing this software and providing you feedback.



  • Hello, I am manager of a opengrid using opensim and realxtend, and our team to developp virtual enviroments for our customers.
    Actually we are using 3dMax Studio, Stechup, Autocad and archipelis. We are very interested in to test you revolutionary software.

  • lob


    I am a videographer/graphic designer for a community college. We are beginning to make an island in Second Life and I would love to be able to try out your software to model our college.



  • Hello! I am a Spanish creative designer specialized in machinima, as much in SL, OS as RX.

    I’ll like to be a part of the next beta test. Thanks


  • garbagepants

    Hello, I am a creative designer based in Manhattan and would like to test the software as well as provide user feedback.


  • Dany0

    I am sorry to double-post, but I didn’t notice that the beta already started 😉
    You’ll find my post(No. 85) in the other uhm… thread? post? Ah…

    -cheers Your Mešča

  • studiowavietnam

    Currently, our company have many projects of virtual environment using videos. May we try your software?

  • madabout3d

    Hi there, i am an creative designer based in Germany and really like to try out your cool application. Cheers


    Hello, I am an end user wich love to test your software. I use consumer HD camera.As soon as I got the beta release and test with my own footage ,I’ll provide my feedback to you. I think about many methods to shooting and measure the distance of the real world object to integrated with 3D application.
    Your demo is very impressive and make me think about how many useful that your application could apply to do such as site analysis for video mapping projection.
    Thank you so much for release this beta test,and sorry for my language skill.

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