New beta, new users

Last week we release VideoTrace beta 0.2.6 to our beta user group and this week we’ve now activated a batch of new users.  Thank you to everyone for registering, participating in the beta testing and for the feedback that you’ve provided so far.  If you registered a while back and haven’t received the announcement emails in the past week then please let us know.

If you only just heard about VideoTrace and would like to participate in the beta testing program, visit our beta registration form and enter your details, and we’ll be in touch with you in the coming weeks to get you started.

And if you weren’t already aware of it, you can keep up to date on VideoTrace through our Twitter feed and YouTube channel.  Be sure to pass these on to friends and colleagues that might be interested — I’m sure they’ll thank you for it! 😉


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  • danilogan

    Hi from France
    I’ve been doing video and 3d animation for theater and i try to mix real footages with 3d (lightwave after effects image-modeler), i really would like to try your software. it seems to be THE BRIDGE between acting and modeling

    Is it possible to join your beta testing program

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