Beta version available to current registrants

Today we sent out an email to everyone has registered for the VideoTrace beta during the year with information about how to get started with the software.Β  That’s right, as an early Christmas present we’ve made it available to everyone that’s been waiting patiently for the past several months — hooray!Β  Thanks to everyone for your interest in the software, and we’re looking forward to hearing what you think.

We’re not yet quite at the point where the beta is generally available, but that time is coming soon.Β  If you haven’t been included in this round of beta testing please leave us a comment here and we’ll make sure you’re included in the next one early in the new year.

Best wishes for the holiday season!


67 comments to Beta version available to current registrants

  • dpi_solutions

    Hey there!

    Having followed this project for the last couple of months I regret not having opened my account here earlier. I’d be seriously interested in testing videotracer and getting rough information about pricing for corporate clients.

    I’m looking forward to being able to test videotracer myself soon.

  • Dany0

    I am so much grateful to you =D

    And I was afraid I won’t get the chance to try this (underlined) awsome software! Now I can finally do models for my game. Highest quality. And I can say “It’s not photorealistic. It’s videorealistic”.

  • Well, got the questionnaire email yesterday, and filled it out this morning. I suppose I will cross my fingers and see if I am lucky enough to be chosen for the next round of beta testing.

  • wolfranium

    Here’s hoping I get included in next year’s beta testing , I can’t wait to test it out πŸ˜€ !! Best wishes & holiday greetings for all πŸ™‚ .

  • foeriz

    Thank You for including me to try this remarkable software…but the suspense is killing me! Periodically from last night until now I have been refreshing my email hoping to see it pop up! haha

  • A quick update on progress with activating beta testers…

    We’ve received a great number of questionnaire submissions from registered beta testers and I understand you’re all now waiting excitedly for the download details. This week the team is pushing out a new version of the beta and so rather than having you install it twice we’re holding off for just a day on getting everyone started. Look out for the download details in your inbox tomorrow!


  • What a time for the email sever I use, to die and the tech guy/owner is on holiday.

    2 days of remote repair and I think he’s got it working again (fingers crossed).

    Now I’m hoping I got an invite email and its sitting somewhere in the internet waiting to be delivered and I don’t get it too late to take part. The suspense is killing me.

    Seasonal Wishes To All.

  • @Jeremy: Thanks for the update regarding the download details, I’m sure I can speak for everybody else here that it is highly appreciated. I had a feeling it was as you said it was, team VideoTrace was getting ready the newer version of the beta, and just needed a bit more time to have the new download link to the latest beta ready for sending out, instead of just sending out the old link to the previous beta.

  • Looking forward to the new release.

  • Dany0

    My fingers are crossed even on my *probably* broke left leg.

    OK so I’ve got a free day tomorrow. I’ll be checking every 5 seconds(literally). I’ve already even captured a video on my cell phone xD

    So good luck and thanks for the nice nice nice christmas present yee πŸ™‚

  • IanJohnson

    Nice thing about being in the U.S. is that “tomorrow” comes after lunchtime “today”. Here’s hoping you get it out early in your morning so I can play with it tonight.

    I’ve been checking in on VideoTrace for over a year, and am so excited to get a chance to try it.

  • rkhroma

    Im eagerly awaiting for tomorrow. I hope the fact that im only a law student and model occasionally does not mean that I am not eligible for the beta. This will be BIG. Will make modelling avatars for games so much easier. I hope you make the models highly compatible with all software.


  • sbrusse

    Hi there,
    I saw your teasing video months ago and I was tracking your site to know when a beta was lunching.
    Now I see that’s the case, so if I could be part of the game, I would love to.


    3LP Team

  • Dany0

    I got the mail. Thnak you very much Jeremy&Co. =) Checking the site now ^^

    Thanks again.
    -Your Meőča

  • Dany0

    I think you should “remove the admin directory” from the videotrace bugtracker website! I(proove me if I’m wrong) think it’s something like install.php in phpBB. Someone can use it to hack the site!


  • rkhroma

    Where can I post bugs and crash reports. Mine keeps crashing if I try to load a large number of frames, seems to only handle <10. Improves when I switch process affinity to 1CPU. Still crashes like mad on load-up of frames though.

  • soccerulzz1

    This looks like a great software! Hopefully I can be including in the next wave of testing πŸ™‚

  • Dany0

    Yep my crashed every time I tried to open my video. It worked for the tutorial examples. So now I made some photos and I’m going to try the image sequence better.

    Hope it helped

  • rkhroma

    Got a solution for you straight from punchcard:
    “Download and install the Voodoo Camera Tracker from the University of
    >> Hannover’s download page. Load the video sequence by selecting the
    >> ‘Load|Sequence’ option from the ‘File’ menu. This will bring up a
    >> ‘Sequence Select’ dialog box. Click the ‘browse’ button and select the
    >> first file of the sequence and click ‘ok’. Select the appropriate
    >> de-interlacing option if required and ensure that ‘free move’ is selected
    >> from the ‘move type’ drop-down box. Click ‘ok’ to close the dialog box and
    >> load the sequence.
    >> Once the sequence has loaded, click the ‘track’ button in the bottom right
    >> hand corner of the window. Voodoo will then automatically track the
    >> scene’s movement across the image over time and estimate the camera’s
    >> motion in the process. If Voodoo had difficulty tracking the sequence, it
    >> will ask permission to optimise the results. This should always be done
    >> for best results.
    >> When the Voodoo has finished, save the camera track by selecting both
    >> Save | CAHV cameras and
    >> Save | feature points
    >> from the ‘File’ menu and save the results in the same directory as the
    >> image sequence.

    then just open the first image as usual in video trace and itll work.

    Seems to be either a problem with Windows 7 or dual core CPU

  • bengolder

    I just discovered you site, and would like to be included in the beta testing. I study digital design techniques in architecture at the University of California, Berkeley.



  • Dany0

    Yes on Windows 7 it really has problems. Maybe selecting complatibility mode may help.


  • cliclub

    i work for pixar in the video departmint and i’d like to try this out

  • gookie

    I’m particularly interested in rendering building interiors, and also product images.

    I’d be very greatful if you would consider me for the Beta release. This is definately I might consider purchasing once the software goes commercial.

    Watching this project with interest, and thanks for your hard work.

  • crumbaker

    Hello I’m very interested in trying your program. I currently do quite a bit of character 3d modeling with zbrush, sadly I have not found the perfect program for city modeling quickly. Currently using google sketchup but this program looks like it would allow me to work far faster. I would be very interested in beta testing and at release buying this program.

  • saner ale


    i love this software how i can download the beta of Videotrace


  • Jegoviciusss

    Hi. I missed the date when the beta version was released is it possible for me to get it now?

  • 1074

    Hello! I’m late to the party, how can I get in on the beta testing??? Thank you!

  • daf

    The software looks like amazing!
    Would love to get on the beta testing if it’s not too late.

  • craigteel

    I registered and commented my interest in the Beta back in July of last year but I did not receive a questionnaire. I am interested in evaluating this software.

  • ivank

    I registered and would like to join the beta. I’m a student who’s worked in a number of 3D packages.

  • popoption

    Thanks for making this tech available! I am, like all of us, interested in providing feedback on VideoTrace. Count me in for a round of the Beta.
    Thanks πŸ™‚

  • slucey

    Please add me to the list of beta testers. I look forward to trying out your software.


  • I’ll appreciate it if I can be listed as beta tester,

  • kkallio

    Please add me to the list of beta testers. As an expert of computer graphics (with 20+ years of experience from 3D engine development and 3D chip design), I believe I can contribute a lot of ideas for improving the program.

  • mobilar

    I’ would be very glad if you would add me to beta users list too!
    I’m interested in creating architectural models and city models

  • zb3r

    IΒ΄been waiting a year,Would love to get on the beta testing.

  • AlfyBarr

    I would be very pleased if i was added to the next round of beta testing thanks.

  • Thank you to everyone for the on-going registrations! We’re certainly very aware of your enthusiasm and will be pushing out the next VideoTrace beta build to a larger group in the next couple of weeks.


  • Vinjy

    I first saw this on youtube when browsing and I am very interested in it’s use for video editing. I look forward to next beta release. I really hope to be included in the next beta and cannot wait to have a go with it!

  • Dany0

    Oh why do have those bugs to come out? I was so happy to try out VT first time. I didn’t have to install windows 7 RC =/ Oh man, when the next version comes out I’ll be modelling & capturing videos 24/7 πŸ™‚

  • mbalic

    Howdy Anton and all,

    Love to be included as a beta tester for VideoTrace.



  • pavelpp

    How do I register? Would really like to test the beta version!

  • Zwaff


    I’d love to be a beta tester for Videotrace.
    I’m a 1st year university student at an Animation BA study in the Netherlands. For my study I’m looking into 3D animation and 3D modelling itself. I’d like to experiment with Videotrace to make 3D copies of my clay models from characters. To see if this can speed up the process but mostly to keep the original characteristics from my clay models in my 3D models.

    I’d love to hear from you, thanks for your time.


  • lana

    I’d love to be included in a next round of beta testing.
    Thank you! πŸ™‚

  • rayenm1

    i really would like to be included in the next round of beta testing
    thanks a lot

  • darkcraft

    I would love to be included in the next round of beta testing. I work in the IT industry, study Science at Adelaide, and have a personal interest in 3d modelling and animation.

  • I’d like to be included in the next beta testing of this software. It looks really interesting.

  • abelorian

    I’d love to be included in a next round of beta testing.
    Thank you! πŸ™‚

  • anon2

    I would also like to do some testing πŸ™‚

  • igor2k

    please take me to the beta test i wanna test this program so hard!!!

  • bas

    Hey I just singed up but can I still get the beta I really want it for my game and videos (yes i do both )
    this looks so cool

  • igor2k

    can you please say the approxamite release date? plssss

  • k5

    Hi there,
    How do i get a to test this amazing software? would love to try and maybe include for it for my future projects!

  • Please sign me up for the beta. Thank you.

  • gianca

    This is revolutionary… been waiting for something like this for the past 20 years.

  • beecho01

    I’d love to be included in a next round of beta testing. I am currently trying to model ships with no references or blueprints and was hoping that VideoTrace would allow me to test the next beta!


  • rdo3

    please include me for the beta

  • forestrf

    please include me for the next beta

  • Dany0

    Thank you for the new beta Jeremy! Will report if it works on Win7 later.

  • Dany0

    I It works! Works… WORKS!

  • Dany0

    o0 Worpress has sumblo problems.
    “I love you Punchcard team! It works! Works… WORKS!” <- original post No. 60

  • Dany0

    It’s symbol wordpress, symbol >.< Btw it loads *.3gp too 0o Nice work

  • Dany0

    The calibration has gone pretty far when error “Could not be able to estimate the camera” appeared. What did I do bad? Maybe bad lighting conditions?

  • SuperBalgas

    Hey, the truth is that I like very much this project … and q I would like to include me to test the beta.

    Thanks and regards …

  • Graystone

    Hey, I’m currently working with Blender, but for certain projects, this looks so much more streamlined, more quick.
    I’d really appreciate being included in the beta tests.

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