Update on VideoTrace beta testing

Thanks for your patience over the last few months while we’re organising the main phase of VideoTrace beta testing.  Thanks also to everyone for your positive enthusiasm and encouraging comments along the way.  To bring you up to speed, here’s a quick summary of what’s been happening and what’s to come.

We’ve been continuing development on the VideoTrace software and conducting internal user testing to pick up any obvious issues.  At the same time, we’ve put the software into the hands of a small number of external users to get the beta testing started.  Don’t feel bad if you haven’t yet had a chance to try it out, you’re amongst the majority.  On the other hand, if you’re one of the few that’s currently experiencing VideoTrace then well hey, allow yourself to feel a little bit special for a moment!

At the moment there are a couple of “slow points” in the process of getting people up and running with the beta software and we’d like to eliminate these before pushing it out to a wider audience so that we have more time to respond to your questions and comments.  Once this happens, we’ll be sending out further information about how to get your hands on the beta.  We’ll also be providing mechanisms for you to let us know more about your specific needs and what you think of VideoTrace.

Over the coming weeks you can expect to see a few changes to the website and the way we communicate with you.  For instance, you can now follow us on Twitter.  Keep an eye out for more soon.


27 comments to Update on VideoTrace beta testing

  • Maxer

    I’ve been waiting for a program like this, how can I become a Beta tester?

  • Carmine Meloni

    I work in a italian society of Architectural Rendering and Visualization – Layout Studio service.
    I would be very interested to try your software to test the integration with Google Earth.
    I can participate for the beta tester ?


  • Hi, I´d like to register for beta-testing. I do live-video and would love to give you a feedbag. cheers!

  • baekgom

    I would be very interested in participate Videotrace Beta testing.
    How can I become a Beta tester?

  • Keep up the good work, I can’t wait.

    But don’t forget your friends and family over the forth coming festive season.

  • Hi, I’d like to register too. Working with video in Flash/Flex for the BBC.

  • Tino

    I would be honoured to be a beta tester for this software. I am a final year architecture student and this would assist some of my projects greatly. I would be very interested to see how adding a design to a video of a site would look.

  • Meatycus

    Keen to beta-test this also, cheers!

  • hcornea

    I’d be very keen to register for beta-testing also.

    My interest is 3D modelling for Flight Simulator

  • Bungo

    Requesting inclusion in the Beta test. Use to create of scenery for Microsoft Flight Simulator X.



  • foeriz

    Let me begin by first congratulating you guys on an amazing piece of technology! This will greatly assist many people on creating their own 3d models for their apps.

    I am a student at Devry University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and I am majoring in computer programming classes. I have been trying to teach myself how to model 3d and I have a decent grasp on 3d animation, but it is very difficult trying to find the time to learn modelling between all my course work. I am a programmer first, 3-D animator 2nd. VideoTrace would be the optimum program for me to develop applications and still be able to maintain Dean’s List status for programming.

    If there is any way that I can become a beta tester for your product I would be extremely appreciative, and would ensure to help promote this program in any way I could. I understand that you have a lot of people asking you this same question and I understand thoroughly if you guys cannot make it happen. Hope to hear from you!!

    Thanks and Good Luck in Future Endeavors,

    Anthony Scarselli

  • intro32

    Hi i would love to be apart of the beta testing program, im using 3Ds max and maya to model 3d cars for games/movies. Im keen to try this out.


  • Muhammad

    i 2nd Maxer, how can i be a beta tester?

  • djsnoopy

    Hi Jeremy.

    We wanna be happy to become a beta-tester, too.
    We are working on 3D-Flash Applications.


  • greena

    Hello I would like to try out VideoTrace beta as it could be a very hepful in my urban 3d modeling project.

  • telis11

    hello from greece
    i would like to be in the beta
    email sidirop71@tellas.gr

  • wiifan2012.com

    I would like to register for the BETA. I am doing camera tracking with “Voodoo” and “Blender.” I use Voodoo for the tracking and Blender for the modeling. I would love to try out this program. I would also love the program if it would export and import Google SketchUp models. This would make tracking a whole lot more funner. As far as Camera Tracking goes for the app, I saw a video with the Opera house, and it seems that you may export the model and model what you would like to see in the video, OR import the model into the video and place it according to the sketch of the object.

    I can’t wait to try it out 🙂

  • Ever since my first comment on this site to register for the Beta test, I started to use Sketchup for the first time. But as good and easy to use as Sketchup is, for what I have seen so far in what VideoTrace can do, I’m just can’t wait to get working with VideoTrace! So please, put me down for consideration on the Beta test of VideoTrace.

  • ftrippie

    Please also include/update me on the Beta testing program.
    I would very much like to include your software in my working environment, using as well 3dsmax and working with autostereoscopic 3d screens.


  • jmeeker

    Please include me in the beta testing program. I am a video production and 3D animation instructor in the U.S. and would love to demonstrate the use of the software to some of my students that are going into gaming and architecture fields. We’re always looking for easier and quicker ways to do complex motion tracking…Thanks for all your work! I’m anxiously awaiting the release date!

  • Please, oh please let me beta test it too!!

  • hiideeo

    I saw your youtube videos and just had to learn more. Please include me as a beta tester. I work for an industrial robot manufacturer. VideoTrace looks very exciting!

  • trypt0phan

    Beta test…yes please.

  • rcwalters

    I would also like to become a beta tester.

  • cliclub

    work for pixar in the video departmint and i’d like to try this out

  • kurtclark

    Working in the field of medicine, looking forward to use this in medical applications.

  • Congratulations! This look Great!!!
    How to be a Beta Tester?

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