We’re keen to hear what you think of VideoTrace, and of the web site.  If you have suggestions as to either this is the place to put them.

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  • Does Videotrace run on different Operating Systems?

  • jpollard

    Yes! VideoTrace runs on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

  • Meatycus

    In what format does videotrace output to?

  • mark smith

    Have you done any work on comparing accuracy of the models created through videotrace against models created with traditional stereo imagery methods?

  • IanJohnson

    Can multiple clips be used to create a single model? It may not be possible to cover all angles needed without stopping recording- for instance one for the street view and another for an elevated view of a building.

    Maybe some sort of model merge might be useful. David 3D Scanner uses a program called Shapefusion for matching up and merging separate captures with the laser.

  • The current version of VideoTrace doesn’t support multiple clips (or importing of models) but it’s a planned feature aimed at addressing the situation you’ve described.

  • rkhroma

    Think about making this software sophisticated enough to model faces and bodies. Something for the future I hope. Ian’s idea is another essential one.
    Multi-platform compatibility and compatibility of the meshes to 3d apps and game editors is essential.

  • rdo3

    all of the videos on the site have been removed by user.

  • Dany0

    hello I have 2 suggestions, 1 small and 1 big:
    1.) Leave the QT and use your own, simple but very fast, gui engine. Look at XMPlay. I always wanted to this, compare it to Windows Media Player. Not only XMPlay has the best sound output out of all players, it’s surprising fast. And that’s because it uses his own GUI system. (please don’t mention it’s lack of unneeded features) I’m not very much in it, but as I know, WMP has just a bit slower sound encoding, but it’s extremely slower just because it uses the win32 api.

    I think it would be a big boost for VT and you can achieve also nice-looks(good UI).

    2.) I think this an exciting idea – internet tracing! The idea is very simple, just put all the tracing work at a dedicated(cloud) server! Also this can be a payed feature, resulting in more income, thus meaning VT can be cheaper, and thus meaning more users, and thus meanin even more income :). <- the loop continues!

  • dpi_solutions

    I would appreciate a tutorial for the tracking and calibration process. I often get the “Unable to estimate cameras” message and I am a little bit lost with it, since I don’t know what I’m supposed to adjust or what I should do different.

  • Jegoviciusss

    Hi. I realy liked the program but you should add something that could rotate the 3D objects and instead of mirror you should insert duplicate object..

  • Like dpi_solutions requested, can you provide some more info about calibration?
    A lot of settings are possible, I noticed, but to me they are not clear.

  • Dany0

    Hey there! OK guys, you’re doing pretty awesome job! I have a small suggestion, why won’t you create a small app for android? Capture&Prepare video for use! Can be really helpful since cameras will run on android soon too!

  • krbob8

    There could be tool that makes selection of components easier, like lasso tool in Maya.

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