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We are hoping to release another beta version of VideoTrace in July, but given that we’re a start-up still trying to sort out funding we can’t make any promises I’m afraid.

If you’d like to participate in the beta please register at this site, and leave a comment / reply to this message explaining what you’d like to use it for, what industry you’re in and what you’re currently using to solve the same problem.



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  • dan

    Hey, I’d be very interested in being considered for the beta. I saw a video of this project a few months back, and I’d love to get a chance to try it out.

  • barneybroomer

    Dear people,

    With a huge amount of interest I looked to your software. I wonder if betatesting is still open for overseas users..We always look forward in new technologies.

    Hope to hear from you,

    With kind regards,

    Barney Broomer

  • MWeisman


    So far from what I’ve seen I’ve been HUGELY impressed. I too am interested in beta testing for overseas users. I can see tons of applications for this with what I do. Please feel free to contact me about this topic.

    Mike Weisman

  • laurentb

    Your software is really inovative and will enable much faster 3d modelling, which is just amazing! Hope I can be part of the betatest team.


  • Jakob Kolben

    I´m very exited. I saw an interesting Youtube video last year. Today I watched it agein and now there will be a Beta test.
    Please contact me when the beta is avaiable.

  • Dear Mr./Ms.,

    My company Infranea would be very interested to participate in the next beta test. And also information about the connectivity to other 3D programs (formats). We are active in global civil projects and already use similar software and systems. We would also like to studie the further use in coordinate invironements. Or is this already included in the pakket?

    Please contact me with any infromation your software and the status of beta testing.

    Best regards,
    Wouter Bulens

  • Robin

    Hi, I’m a recent college grad; I remembered seeing your video a couple years ago and decided to see if anything came of that software. I’m glad to see it’s still being pursued and would love to participate in the beta.

    Robin B.

  • johnnym

    I can’t yet imagine the time this would save in camera mapping, matte painting, image-based modeling, compositing, ..
    This technology has finally arrived. Good luck, guys. Let me know if you want me to try it out.

  • Hello.
    I have worked with many diferrent 3d softwares:Sketchup,3dstudiomax,autodesk maya.But i think that videotrace is the best, because its wery easy to use it and no one other 3d modelling software can create 3d objects from video.I would be wery happy if i could try out videotrace.

  • matteuk

    yeah ill give it a go

  • WiiFan2012

    I have been trying to find a piece of software like this for a LONG time. I would like to participate in the beta. I would be able to finally get “Blade3D,” (Game creation software for XBOX 360. to do some easy modeling.

    I glad you guys are making this!

  • WiiFan2012

    Oooops, forgot to mention that I’m overseas also!

  • sloach

    As a hobbyist game developer with few resources, something like this would be very useful. It would be great if I could try this out in a beta test.

  • Hello. I’m a Flex+Actionscript RIA developer. I’d love to participate as a beta tester. I work with interactive 3D on the web. I’m sure that Videotrace, once it’s out, will be an immense help in doing these interactive pieces.


  • pdrbrgr

    Your software looks incredible and I would love to take part in the beta. The official release could really help me with modelling for animations I make in the future.

  • baekgom

    Two years ago, I was very impressed some movie about Videotrace.
    And always I’m wait chance of use video trace.
    So, some times I visited ACVT home page. and Today I find this site.
    I would be very interested in participate Videotrace Beta testing.
    I would be very happy, if I could beta testing videotrace.

  • micaparat

    hi im a student at the architecture university in bucharest and i’d like to try your software for architectural studies and projects. thanks

  • haebin

    Hi, I am working for the Center for Arts Management and Technology at Carnegie Mellon University in US. We are very interested in new 3D technology that could be used for artists and arts organizations, and this technology seems to be what we have been looking for. I would love to participate in your beta testing.
    Thank you.

  • bfenty

    Hi, I’m an independent effects artist for amateur films, fan films and commercials. Most of the projects I work on are on a strict budget, and having software like this would drastically reduce production times while at the same time saving money. I would love to see what this can do in an actual production environment.

    Thank you.

  • Hey, i would love to have a beta version so i could experiment with different video effects and see what i could do with it

  • asabove01


    I’m a 3d digital modeling professional living in Holland and’ve been keeping an eye on this project for a while. It looks like your team is doing extraordinary work, and I’d love to participate in the next beta to offer any assistance I may in helping you actualize your vision. Please send along an email if I can be of assistance.



  • trailee


    I am one of the IT staff at an R-12 College in Adelaide South Australia. We currently use CAD to create 3D images and will be very interesed in integrating this software with our current CAD and Media students. The software appears to be a great advantage to our college curriculum.

  • Hi,

    I’m and educational developer at University of Canberra. We use 3D for educational design solutions. Currently we model in Lightwave 3d. I would be very interested to participate in the beta testing.

  • phil

    I am very interested in your beta test because I modeled the car in for 3d models out of paper in 3d low poly.
    this software will it simplify the 3d model

  • Roperm

    I’m a renaissance hobbyist. I work with forges, melting metal in to molds to make copies of things I’ve found. I’m working on building a CNC machine to make things from 3D programs. I would love to get in to Videotrace beta to learn how to make 3D objects from videos to be cut out into something you could hold!

  • eggsarecool

    I’d be thrilled to get a chance to test this.
    Hope it is going well.

  • samh

    Would love to be involved in a beta. I’m a lecturer in media arts and I think there’s plenty of ways this technology could be applied in video art practice. I’ve also got a PhD student looking at digital imaging and archaeology – I referred to your software the other day at his seminar, then found out about the possibility of being involved in an open beta. Fate? I have a bit of software development experience and a very good understanding of 3D and video, so I should be able to provide some useful feedback. In any event, good luck with this fantastic development.

  • zacherynuk

    We have several clients using all manner of manual measurement based methods just to get the geometry, let alone the textures! I would like to sample this software to show it off to them. Industries include; Mechanical & Electrical design, promo videos, architecture and vehicle manufacture.


  • Chris.

    I would love the opportunity to join your beta team.

    I have a great deal of personal interest and experience in working in both Video and 3D animation/modeling programs having been involved in the industry at various levels for the past 15 years. I am currently working at Loyalist College of Applied Arts and Technology, one that provides courses in Architecture and building design, 3D video game development, TV Production, as well as an advanced SecondLife initiative. I am in a unique position to be in contact with all these departments while working extremely closely with the colleges I.T. team. I feel your software could be of some benefit to each of these areas and believe my position, experience and interest could create an excellent opportunity for presenting your software to a much wider audience once it is out of Beta testing and ready for release.

  • Hi! This tool is amazing and i wish to join to beta testers team.

    In last years, I’m a beta tester of many product of Autodesk.

    Congrats from Brazil.

    Thank You.

  • vmos

    I’d like to have a go at this, as a hobby I do 3d stuff with still photos and I’d like to try something new, also as a job I do a lot of beta testing so I know how to pick holes in stuff

  • djarcas

    I would very much like to get ahold of this software (certainly with a prospect to a commercial version) I’ve been doing photogrammetry for years, I work for a major games publishing company and would be interested in working that into our workflow for Xbox games 🙂

  • Stteve

    I’m an engineering student who stumbled accross this by accident. I’d love to use this program as part of my final year project. I have used numerous modeling programs before in various projects to great effect, and it would be interesting to see how this one compares (it would take far too long to produce an accurate model of my project using the methods I have employed previously).
    Many thanks.

  • rio


    I am working in the video games industry and see real potential for video trace to rapidily prototype environments and 3D assets. Making high quality template objects in a very quick iteration process. I look forward to using this software either in the beta test or as a commercial release in the future.

    Thanks and good luck with the successful release of this wow product.


  • drawingtank

    I am a freelance character designer for the film / game industry and i just discovered this app. looks amazing and i would love to try it in my filed ! very cool 🙂
    thank you for your time

  • drDejavu

    im interesting to test the beta

  • drDejavu

    I have interest in the software because im in the animation / film / game industry and i find ths app. very helpful for the pipeline. is amaizing

  • Hi,

    I would love to test this out on a current project.
    Looks like a very useful application.

    All the best,


  • Hello,
    I am very interested in testing your program, because I use it to create a virtual world using videos from the island of Fuerteventura.

    Thank you very much

  • clicker

    I would be very interested in testing the next beta version out on various Windows platforms.
    Thank you.

  • Mat Clark

    I teach 3D modelling and animation at degree level and would be very interested in beta testing Videotrace.

    Mat Clark

  • Alexander

    I am working on a game but modeling take’s to long for me.
    It would help me a lot if i could use video trace beta to make models.

    Thank you.

  • Videotrace could be a key enabling technology for an idea I’ve got, so I would like to participate in the beta testing asap.

  • StevePiffer

    Hi, I was so impressed with the demo on You tube I had to come register to participate in the beta. I am getting more and more into video editing and would like to try some things with advanced 3d capabilities. Thanks for your consideration. (from Canada)

  • psheldr

    I would use this for urban modelling (for google earth) – i currently use sketch up. Hence it would be nice to have low poly + textured 3D models as unencrypted output.

  • graphics

    I’m also interested to test it out. This really looks very promising…
    Think about it how much time you can save by using this program.


  • I’m setting up 3d models from pictures (3d reconstruction). Using such a promising technology could give me a huge productivity gain. Could I try a beta?


  • markusk

    my name is markus and i am a young architect and i think this tool is very cool

    i also would really like to be a beta tester


  • robertspb

    My company provides remote operations of water and wastewater facilities. Our support center staff does not go out to the site, but needs to understand the site. In our current solution, I travel to the site, take photos, collect engineering drawings, and develop a Sketchup model. I then geotag the photos, export the Sketchup model to Google Earth, and publish for the team.

    I think your software would save much time. I’d like to beta and share feedback. It may be an interesting application if you’re looking for testing in industrial environments with lots of piping.

  • bovick

    I’m a Computer Science graduate with a heavy interest in computer graphics. I’ve been salivating at exploring the possibilities of VideoTrace ever since I saw the video quite a while back. I’ve been checking in every now and then on the ACVT page to check the status of the process… and very glad to see some positive movement here. Would be ecstatic to get in on the beta.

  • GKissell

    Hi, I’m very interested in trying this product in interior automotive design. I would like to be a member of the next beta roll out team please.

  • Hi, I’m a software engineer interested in 3D modeling for Flash/Flex applications. Been following VideoTrace since ACVT demoed it. Would love to be involved in the beta. Cheers.

  • qazzz789

    Hi Ive been doing video editing and 3d animation for several years and when i saw this i was really amazed, i would really like to try this software. i believe that this software has great potential for a lot of industries. thanks

  • Hi, I have followed this project for a while now and I think this looks really interesting. With 7 years in game designing and my recent start in Video Editing I would love to try this out. So if you are still open for Beta testing please give me an opportunity to see what you got so far.


  • mike

    I’am very interested for the beta.

  • victor

    Hi, i’m so interested in the program. It’s a simple way to model the building. I’m studying in Environmental Art. And i always use CAD and MAX now. Can i get the beta?

  • Jan

    Hi ,

    i would be interested in Beta Testing. Currently i use Photomodeler Scanner, Sketchup Pro & Syntheyes ´08 for these kind of things.
    I would be using Videotrace for Geometric modeling as buildings or organic modeling from Point Clouds, if possible.

  • yo

    Im a visual fx TD at multi-award winning vfx boutique Jellyfish pictures in London, UK.
    Id love to try out your beta and see how such a tool may benefit a production pipeline.
    Currently similar methods to yours are simply more time consuming and therefore more expesive. we use scan data, stero camera setups for building cloudpoint based models and tracking software to generate points to start imagebased modeling


  • Prometheus


    I’m a IT student at the University of Applied Sciences in Erfurt, Germany and in the moment we are using Maya and Blender for our 3D Modelling Projects.
    I heard of Videotrace over 1 year ago. Since then I following this project with an huge amount of interest. I think Videotrace has a great potentital to accelerate different 3D Modelling processes and it would be a pleasure if I could participate in your next beta test to try out this great product.

    Best regards,


  • bgc1988

    hi, i’m a video editor from brazil, and i have a company who developes content for a 3d multiview screen, and this incredable software it can help a develop this content. thanks

  • Huw

    Saw this software at SimTecT last month and would love to explore it more. Using Sketchup at the moment.

  • pins91

    this software is amazing. I would like to try it for video editing. It will be very helpfull in doing things that until now require a lot of work behind. At the moment i’m using Cinema 4D for this kind of job. Please contact me for the next beta test.

  • I would like to subscribe for the next beta test software. We are going to be working on a new Stadium Concept for a university here in the states and would love to use this software in conjunction with 3D studiomax to create a out of the world animation. I would be working in collaboration with our Philippine office and would love to see how this technology can increase productivity. Thanks!

  • nilebma

    I am working on an important project for “Electricité de France” research & development offices. We are currently designing an innovative knowledge transmission solution. For this we are considering a 3D representation of different systems which could be easily built up from video content and software like VideoTrace.

    The video on your website really impressed us and we would be pleased to test a beta version of VideoTrace and give you feedback on it.

    Thanks for you interesting work,

    A. Belin,
    Cognitive Science Engineer, EDF R&D

  • craigteel

    I am very interested in trying out the next beta of the software

  • enedelko

    Hey Anton and the team,

    you did the great product that many people dreamed of. I personally was looking for such software since early 90’s. Clearly there were nothing comparable at those days and now you made it real!

    And I wonder if you could kindly answer two questions:
    1. Is it possible to join your beta testing program and
    2. If you plan to include some 3D recognition functions similar to the one used by C3 Technologies to recognise city landscapes automatically?

    Thanks for your efforts!
    Evgeny Nedelko

  • enedelko

    following my second question here is an open-source project providing a sort of automated object geometry detection:

  • jms6731

    I heard about this quite some time ago and checked the other site once a month looking to see the status and finally things start to look up. This looks amazing and have been wanting to try it for a long time. I hope I can get in the beta at some point. Good job!

  • telis11

    hello from greece
    i would be very glad if could be
    one of the beta testers of the videotrace
    i am very interested and i am watching it from the beginning of his release

  • VonAwesome

    I would love to use this program. My friend is very serious about directing an (obviously) low budget movie. I told him I could do the editing for the movie, because that’s what I love to do, however, he has run into problems with needing to destroy things in the movie, such as cars, a gas station, ect. He has needed to take most of it out because we simply don’t have the money for that, and as I watched the video I thought, hmmm that would be PERFECT for what he wants. And so, I want this program to help my friend work on this movie, and maybe for fun :). So please let me into the beta, it would be much appreciated by not only me, but many of my friends who are going to be participating in this movie.

  • tsmaster

    I’d love to participate in the beta.

    I’m interested in low-poly models for games. I’ve used PhotoModeller and Canoma in the past for this.

  • We are Re-sales companies in Japan that sells 3D soft.

    Please contact me when the beta is avaiable.

  • julianmai

    yup~ i am a art designer, i wanna try this software to create my compositions~

  • Santiago Paredes

    I am verry impresed, this looks amazing. Please sign me up for beta testing as soon as it is possible.

  • etmthree

    Hello —

    Well done!

    I would love to participate in your next beta round.

    I own Q Division, a small VFX and 3D company in New York. We do a lot of matchmoving and image-based modeling for TV commercials, internet, and games. At present we use Boujou, SynthEyes, Softimage, Maya, and PhotoModeler for this.


    Ed Manning

  • Oragamster

    I am a student at eastlake. I would use this software at school and in my programming for modles. I have made many games using xna game studio and would apreciate the chance to make higher quality modles with the beta for this software. I currently don’t have and income or jobs that would use this, but I would be able to test it from the view of someone who is looking into getting the software with limited experience.

  • Oragamster

    I forgot to mension that I am currently using blender for the 3d modleing that I am interested in doing. I have found as of yet that the blender software is very difficult to use and would be made much easer to be able to refine the modle after it is made in a low polygon count version first.
    Best Regards

  • I’m a designer, i wanna to try this amazing software.
    Becuase that’s very cool!!!

  • M

    Hi, I’d be very interested to join the beta program. If possible I’d also like to try out the older version.
    I am quite a bit experienced in the field of image based modeling and especially it’s many limitations. I am eager to see what you came up with and hopefully can help to make a better program.
    Cheers, M

  • Tracy123

    I’d like to beta test this application and would like to see how beneficial it can be for an average 3d developer. In return, expect a substantial review of this product sent back to you along with a usability report and recommendations for further value addition and improvements.

    This is a software tester and a long time 3d developer and enthusiast. Thanks.

  • J.Ravatt

    I am interested in the second beta. I’m a home video user who also likes to create 3d art. I can see how your program would save me a lot of time modeling.

  • azoon


    Please include me in test drive program


  • Wii3DModelingFan

    I would like to try the next beta, just because I’m a avid modeler, and soon-to-be Blade3D user.

    You can view information about Blade3D here:

    Amazing, this came up on YouTube, while I was searching “3D Modeling” 😀

  • Hi Anton,

    I’d like to help out with the beta test. I have a small design studio specializing in animations to illustrate processes. This looks like some amazing software and I hope I can contribute to making it better in some way. Later.

  • Dany0

    Hello Dear Anton,

    I am a game programmer. It’s not a job, it’s a hobby(free opensource 3d games). I would be really excited if you will choose also me, because I really have no money to hire a modeller or buy the models from the internet, and the free ones are really “costless”. By no money I mean really NO money, I am NOT going to pay for anything that i am gonna use for my game, so if you’re going commercial please split it to free and pro version, or make a free 100% price discount for students, hobbyists and non-commercial artists(must be proven). OK?

    I have a photo-camera and a really old phillips videocamera(small VHS one ^^). The photo camera(16 megapixels?) can also catch video, but in a worser quality, but not THAT bad quality. Is it enough?

    Also notice that I am a python programmer, so I can not help you with programming of the actual app if it is written in the family of C programming languages. But if you would make VideoTrace capable to use Python-programmed plug-ins/extensions I’d help you!

    And I would like to see the project is not dead:
    Post news and more videos!

    Meanwhile, don’t forget it’s confusing when there’s a tutorial how to use it but there’s no download!

    -cheers Your Mešča

  • Hi Everyone

    Our web hosting provider deleted our web site, through no fault of our own. They’re recovered this backup, but it is missing a lot of the most recent content, including the posts from people who’s signed up to the test. We have other records, and a backup of our own, so we have the details of most people who’ve signed up already. There are a few we are still chasing however.

    Thanks for your patience, we’ll be on top of it soon and hopefully be sending you an invitation to download the software very soon.

  • yuvallahav

    I would love to be a beta tester, I’m on online flash multiplayer games programmer, but the use of the program I’m thinking of is different, since my wife is an architect (we live in Rome, Italy), and when ever she works on a new projects (mainly shops in Rome), she brings home the plans of the shop and asks me to make the shop, spaces, and items, in 3D, which I’m doing using 3D Studio Max, but having the ability to snap shots or a video of the store, and then render it in 3D and simply as it would seem your software can do, it will save me hours of work each time, and will also give me some peace of mind, since I do have other things to do with my time then make 3D models for my wife…



  • maya_Q8

    iam Engineer and i would like to test this amazing program called videotrace…iam graphic designer part time job at V-lab company and also working with ministry of power in Kuwait would like to test the beta version if that possible? and integrate with Autodesk maya, fusion eyeon, and other 3d applications ..thank you

  • studiowavietnam

    I would like to try a beta test. We have many virtual environment modeling projects using videos, I’m trying to find a better solution than now.

  • I would like to be a beta tester too. I want to try it in 3d metro simulation project:

  • echorom

    I own a rapid prototyping company that works with surveying and game companies. I see great potential for this software and would like to become a beta user. Thank you for the opportunity.



  • Hello.
    I have worked with many diferrent 3d softwares:Sketchup,3dstudiomax,autodesk maya,zbrush and others.I think that videotrace is the best software for creating 3d worlds and video editing,its wery easy to use it and no one other software can create 3d objects from video.I would be wery happy if i could try out videotrace and inform you obout softwares + and –

  • luis carlos manrique ruiz

    I’m now working with two projects, one of them is about the traffic network in my city, and the other one is about robotics, and I think this software can help me to understand different situations and behaviours of the robot. I want to try this software, because I could assist to a Conference in Gunma University, Japan of the director of the Company and the software seems really easy to work. Thank you very much.

  • kellyv

    I am an Engineering student at Swinburne in Melbourne. Id like to try using your software to quickly model components/installations in the engineering industry. This would be very useful for site inspections.

  • Hello,
    I would like to use videotrace todo quick prototyping of 3d models for use in a 3d game I am developing for Google Android.
    Greetings and Thanks,

  • Hi,

    I’d like to join the overseas beta testers of Videotrace. I’m a stage lighting designer in a sound engineering team. Videotrace would be a perfect tool for modelling the places where I will design lighting.


  • aIrMAPper

    I am anxious to apply videotrace to aerial video from a remote control platform to generate topographical maps and 3D models of buildings. I would be very grateful if included in the beta release.

  • fernandos1

    I would be very interested in testing this as well. I do a lot of video production and this looks like it would be a great tool to enhance them.



  • magixx

    Hello, I would like to beta test this program mainly for use in video visual effects in such a way as cloning objects from one video and inserting them in another. I think this program could help in situations that would be hard director to shoot. I currently have no plans on using it in any real project but I would really like to see what the software is truly capable of. The software I have used before that would tie in with what this program can do would mainly be Boujou and 3DS Max.

  • twyeld

    Hello Anton,
    please keep me informed of the new Beta release. I would like to try Videotrace as a part of a digital heritage toolkit.

    Regards, Theodor.

  • i know many 3d/2d editing programs and the various useful tool that come with it. a couple are Autocad: boolean, align,3d rotate.i suggest Photoshop because 2d object video my contain shadows which may not be what the user wants they may want to create there own shadows like in a game or movie. This is because there may not be any object insight to create a shadow Photoshop:blur,burn(shadows) brush tool which can be used with alphas and there is on more tool forgot name but it paints the picture on a picture from a reference of origin based on x and y.The last tool mentioned is very helpful in making things blend and appear more natural and not seem so cartoony by just using the paintbrush.Most useful and popular 3d model formats 3ds and obj you should support. Useful tools boolean whether it be just circle creating a hole in a plane box to create holes is a time saver,more useful tool divide with a line by picking 2 Points on 3d object and smart weld which weld vertex in a certian amount of distance.

  • i would like to see it used for architectural building3d houses faster with video footage,special effects

  • Hi! I’m an applied computer science student. I’m particularly interested in computational graphics and would love to beta test Videotrace. I would like to try it with really high resolution images.

    Thanks, Lukasz.

  • wshumway

    I work in the healthcare industry in large master planning projects. When developing presentations for our teams, we often use Maya or SketchUp to photo-match, create geometry, and then project textures based off of several images collected in the field. This allows us to create virtual fly-throughs etc with proposed additions/modifications. I would love to be included in the beta release of your product as this appaers to be an exciting new tool-set with some great potential to streamline this process.



  • willy9123

    I hope I am not too late… just found out about this not too long ago, and I would love to get a chance to test this out for my visual fx shots… looks a lot easier to use than the programs I am currently using


  • adeluna100

    Me gustaria el poder probar su software, ¿como lo puedo conseguir?
    Mil gracias de antemano.

  • UselessChild

    I would LOVE to try out VideoTrace for some special effects related things in Maya, Cinema 4D and After Effects.
    My email address is – thanks in advance!

  • Wii3DFan

    Hello, me again.

    Just wanted to ad my emails:


    Thanks. I would love to try the beta for 3D Modeling and some special/visual effects.

  • Dear Punchcard team,

    I would love to participate in the Vieotrace beta test. I am creating flash based web videos with special effects and often film without a tripod and would love to also take advantage of the modelling functions to manipulate video footage. I am currently using Sony Vegas and Adobe After Effects.



  • srhine

    I would love to be able to beta test and explore the possibilities with this innovative software. I teach college classes in both video production and 3D animation. This falls squarely between and would be appropriate for both classes. I know my students would love it – in fact, that’s how I heard about it. Thanks.

  • Bimwizzard

    I am very interested in the applications between videotrace and architectural BIM. I’d like to help with the beta of videotrace very much.

  • stuka

    I would like to participate in the next beta. I am currently using AC3D and Blender for modeling in Second Life, and intend to expand to modeling standalone 3D worlds featuring interesting existing buildings and places.

  • P.M.

    I would like to try the next beta of this promising product. It’s been over a year that I saw one of the demo videos that you guys published – but haven’t been able to get my hands on the actual program. Please inform me of the next availability as I am eager to utilize this software to its full potential. Thanks!!

  • Hi.
    I’m a freelance matchmover and am extremely interested in videotrace. Been keeping an eye on it and would absolutely love to be invited to test the next beta version and provide feedback and suggestions.


    Yannick Meillier

  • RickC

    I’d like to participate in the next phase of beta testing. Software looks very promising, hope you can continue development to RTM.

  • Hi! I’m a Flame and VFX artist, I also teach 3D tracking at and I think this is a very interesting software, would like very much to help test it and provide feedback based on my experience.


  • Kamrua

    Hello! my name is Kamrua and I’m a Swiss graphic designer. I’m extremely interested in this unique program! I’ve been using Maya and Blender for years now, with this program my life would be alot easier! I’ve looked at all of your videos and have been astonished on how precise this program is. Not to mention that it looks very easy to use. I would love using this program to create models for me and my company with ease. I hope I could participate as a beta tester!

  • dakka

    Hi! I would like to be included in your next beta test, as we are currently looking at visual effects applications with 3D television.

  • tmilard

    Hope you can found this project.
    I am sure the need is great in 3D community.
    In as google and microsoft try to do 3D, the world of 3D is becoming something bigger and bigger every year.
    3D : bigger world …. this means simpler softwares. and videoTrace is that !
    Cheers and goodluck.

    Thierry from

  • Nels_P_Olsen

    I’m an amateur vintage (space-age) playground enthusiast that would be very interested in using VideoTrace to quickly model large objects like rare playground equipment from video. I am a software developer with a math/physics background but not a graphic designer or CAD user. This would allow me to easily create virtual worlds for others to explore (since these vintage pieces are often in remote places) and to create physical models from the data without having to measure everything by hand. Please include me in the next beta test!

  • simone

    Hi, I work as modeler for a company that made a race simulator. We’re always looking for new technologies and new kind of data acquisition. We’ve already worked with gps data acquisition and laser scan.
    We would be pleased to join the betatest, I think we could give a helpful feedback (if needed) to improve your software.

    Tracks Designer, Kunos Simulazioni

  • i am a recent design graduate and have experience using AutoCAD, 3dsMAX, Sketchup and zbrush.. when i saw the videotrace demo several years ago it left a lasting impression and i have wanted to try it ever since. i think it will be a very enjoyable way to quickly model buildings and a plethora of other objects for use the art projects.

  • Poodoofxmember

    Hi , i would like to be a beta tester , i´m a 3d freelancer from germany and at the moment i work in a international Team of artists on a non commercial Star Wars Fan film . we would be happy if we could try your software and I think our team could give you very good feedback about the software .. here is a little teaser of our work

  • dtb

    Intrested in the BETA, I am a blogger and run my own site about software tools. I need to diversify my reports. You product looks cool, this is what is needed of ANY 3D Modeling Suite.


  • diasparys

    hi, i am also interessted to try this. i am a another 3 d modeler, animator from poodofx, star wars fanmovie.

    look also:

  • ac3raven

    I’m currently in the Digital Entertainment and Game Design program at ITT technical Institute, and I plan on pursuing a masters degree in the field at Rochester Institute of Technology. To me, the enormously complex nature of 3d games distracts from what the real focus of a game should be, and that’s the rules and mechanics of the game. If software like this and/or this: becomes more prevalent, then game designers can focus more on gameplay, and better games will result.

    That’s why I’m interested in Beta testing Videotrace.

  • blaklite

    I would very much like to be included in any beta testing phase.
    My 2 cents worth:
    I understand that making money would be very important to you to be able to fund development bu perhaps you might perhaps consider taking the project “Open Source” to some degree?

    I’m sure that whatever happens it will be a very important piece of software.

  • Mandrillus

    i would like to participate for the beta testing of this amazing programm. i am in a school for art & design here in switzerland, for 3D projects we use Maya for modeling our objects by simply importing sketches and starting to construct the shape with polygon planes … really long and hard job. i really would like to test video trace for that, first to make work easier and faster and second to help you guys finding bugs, weaknesses etc. help you develop better!

    i see a great future for programs like that! go on guys, i admire you!
    thanks in advance

  • nexo

    Hi, I’m a third year architecture student and can think of multiple applications for your software. At the moment I have been playing round with the 3d scanner that we have at our school to generate models…but it’s always in high demand, is very inaccurate and only works at a small scale. Good luck with production

  • Maxer

    I work for a large architecture firm in the US, we would very much like to participate in the Beta testing of this software. This is ground breaking work you are doing, it will change architectural visualization forever.

  • Hey, I am currently in my third year of a digital media design degree at Massey University in Wellington, New Zealand. specializing in 3d animation and film editing. this includes alot of video tracing. I would love to be able to use this software because it would help me alot in my degree and also the various jobs i take on in the summer holidays, also it would help my understanding on how video tracking is advancing and how it all works. Thankyou very much. and good luck with video trace.

  • Hazdaz

    I’d love to try this software out and see what it can do. I’ve been involved in one way or another with 3D modeling for well over a decade and the technology displayed in the video clips is quite amazing.

    I am especially interested in using it in conjunction with a 3D printer and being able to make 3D prints of real life items with a minimum of modeling.

  • I would be interested in helping test this product. I do architectural illustration and animation. I often have to create background and site models with very little to go on. Using a photo or video based application would help a lot. I have not bought one of the existing photo modeling apps, though often thought I should. Being able to work over video opens a lot of possibilities, including taking simple, hand-held video on a site visit and then producing good context models from it. Currently I do photo-based models with the camera-mapping function of Cinema4D.

    If it helps, my mentor when I started doing architectural illustration 30 years ago was an Australian. Violet Crumbles for Christmas.

  • AjorasWill

    I would be HIGHLY interested in this program. I am a 3D Designer/Concept artist and 3rd year student at SCAD.
    I can see limitless applications for this program.
    Keep up the good work guys, I would love to see this program fully complete!

  • EasyViber

    Hi! I’m interested in becoming beta tester of your fascinating software.

  • abelorian

    I would be interested in try this software. Is amazing ! . I can be beta tester 😀

  • Hi, I think this is history in the making. It will be an honour to be part of the beta team. I have my advertising company, I have experience in fx, composition, 3d modeling…I’m also a beta tester for a major game so I understand the way NDA agreament works…All I want is a chance to help.

  • biermann33

    I would love to use this software for 3d video editing. I am currently using blender and 3ds max and am in the computer engineering field.

  • Definitely interested in beta – 3d animator/designer 15 years experience. Using boujou for match moving now but would love to try this out.

  • CapnJ0nes

    I work for a company that does a lot of simulation work. This could save us tons of time with the visualization aspects of that, for which we currently model from scratch in 3DS Max either by painstakingly taking measurements or just “eyeballing” it. I’d definitely like to be in on the beta test.

  • Hi all,
    my company has two small UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle), and we use it to make low height aerial photogrammetry. We use often tools like Photomodeler, and it would be great to use something like it but applied to video.
    I think I will be interested also in sell this kind of software.
    Plese insert me in beta test group.

    You are making a great work.

    Thank you,


  • aeronauta

    I am a modeler designer of graphics for the flight simulation, FSX in particular, this SW would be of inmense help to model buildings and other airport gear. Currently using 3DS max ansd converting to FSX compatible SW.

  • nazcamono

    I would like to participate in the beta testing. I work in the games industry and find this interesting to design cities.

  • Hi im an artist and “Image and sound design” teacher at the Buenos Aires University, Argentina.
    I´d like to test Video trace in experimental art field for output in videos, sculptures in rapid prototyping, hi-res printing and interactive pieces.

    I think this kind of approach that sometimes implies unconventional use of the software may open new fields of application and its an excellent way to find bugs.

    You can check my works here:

  • I have much experience in open source and beta testing collaboration and would love to provide you quality feedback.

    I’m itching to combine some modeled video objects with some realflow fluids. I’d truly enjoy crashing a wave into something big and use dynamics to crumble it to the ground.

    This has to be literally the most revolutionary computer graphics software I’ve seen to date.

    I’m a graphic and Web designer using various 2d, animation, 3d modeling and dynamics software to create cutting edge design.

    Please invite me into your family of geniuses. Thank you.

  • tzmartin

    I would like to participate in your beta program. I’m a developer of 2d/3d visualization for advertising, industrial and gaming apps. Currently using Photomodeler, 3DS, Maya. Looking to use Videotrace as a rapid modeling tool.

  • mark smith

    I’d like to become a beta tester, I am a MSc student with a background in Geomatics and Photogrammetry, I would be interested in comparing accuracies between models created through videotrace and models created using photogrammetric techniques

  • Hello i am a student in college and I saw you video in high school. I have tested beta programs for students in my classes and for nivada, so I would like to test and demonstrate it for my fellow class mates. Thank you.

  • crichey

    Im a film-maker doing arts I think videotrace could do some very interesting effects for TV production. I haven’t found anything else that does this sort of thing.

  • cliclub

    hi im a video editer in pixar and i would like to try this out.

  • pvfloripa

    I would be very interested in participating in your Beta testing program. I am a researcher in computer vision and I would like to test it use as tool for robotics applications. Thanks!

  • sueme5

    Hello! I would like to be included in your next beta test, as i am currently looking at visual effects applications with 3D virtual worlds. Thanks! You guys are the best! keep up the Good work. I hope you have a great day. 🙂

    Sueme. 🙂

  • danilogan

    I’m just trying now to model a statue with your 2.6 soft (its vacations!).
    I’d be glad to follow the progress particularly in modeling organic shapes witch is the link i’m waiting for between video and 3d…
    cheer up!

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