New users activated today

We’ve just sent out an email to everyone that’s registered for the VideoTrace beta since mid-December last year. Welcome, new beta users! If you were expecting to receive that email but haven’t (perhaps due to spam filters, solar winds or the GFC), please let us know — we don’t want you to miss out.

Now […]

Beta registration form

You can now use our new beta registration form to sign up for the VideoTrace beta testing program. If you’ve previously registered your interest on this site, don’t worry — we’ve added you to the list already. This new form just makes the process a bit easier, especially when you tell your friends about VideoTrace. […]

Adding new beta users soon

Time for a quick update on the VideoTrace beta testing program. We’ve just released a new build of the VideoTrace beta for existing users to try out. Once they’ve had a chance to check it out and highlight any major issues (fingers crossed there aren’t any, of course!) we’ll be contacting everyone that has registered […]