Adding new beta users soon

Time for a quick update on the VideoTrace beta testing program. We’ve just released a new build of the VideoTrace beta for existing users to try out. Once they’ve had a chance to check it out and highlight any major issues (fingers crossed there aren’t any, of course!) we’ll be contacting everyone that has registered […]

Beta version available to current registrants

Today we sent out an email to everyone has registered for the VideoTrace beta during the year with information about how to get started with the software. That’s right, as an early Christmas present we’ve made it available to everyone that’s been waiting patiently for the past several months — hooray! Thanks to everyone for […]

Update on VideoTrace beta testing

Thanks for your patience over the last few months while we’re organising the main phase of VideoTrace beta testing. Thanks also to everyone for your positive enthusiasm and encouraging comments along the way. To bring you up to speed, here’s a quick summary of what’s been happening and what’s to come.

We’ve been continuing development […]

The next beta release

Hi All,

We’re working flat out on getting the next beta version into shape so we can send it out.

Our plan is to get it out to everyone who has registered on the list. That depends not only on the state of the software, however, but also on the state of the support infrastructure […]

Subscribe for the next beta test

We are hoping to release another beta version of VideoTrace in July, but given that we’re a start-up still trying to sort out funding we can’t make any promises I’m afraid.

If you’d like to participate in the beta please register at this site, and leave a comment / reply to this message explaining what […]

Second beta launched

VideoTrace is currently in second round of beta testing with a small number of users around the world. Once this process is finished we will launch a much larger beta test.

You can see the level of sophistication of the software in some of the modelling examples and particularly in the longer modelling example.

We’ll […]